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by Daedalus on Jul 11, 2016 at 11:32 AM
Welcome to the Natural Affinity website. After more than a year of the same content of Warlords, we're all eager to start Legion. The website will be updated during the roll out of the expansion. It should provide a good resource for players for raiding and social interaction.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact an Officer in game (Dalaran Realm).


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About Natural Affinity
Natural Affinity was formed in February 2008. We are committed to enjoying multiple games and progressing in both PvE.

We are a 10 man raiding guild. we also like to form and run 25 man's when the chance presents itself. We are always looking for skilled players who will be respectful and dependable members of our guild. Our members are goal oriented and driven but at the same time friendly and helpful.

Natural Affinity uses an open roll loot distribution with preferences for main specs over off specs.

To submit an application, click on "Apply to the Guild" link at the top of the page.

Game Activities
Alysandir changed secondary spec from Retribution to Protection
Ariabella is now level 110
Ariabella changed primary profession from Alchemy to Tailoring
Ariabella changed secondary profession from Tailoring to Alchemy
Alysandir changed primary profession from Jewelcrafting to Enchanting
Alysandir changed secondary profession from Enchanting to Jewelcrafting
Aethris is now level 110
Aethris changed primary spec from Feral to Balance
Aethris changed secondary spec from Balance to Restoration
Aethris is now level 97