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Imperator Mar'gok

Video -

Stratacaster's Video -
(40 minutes, very detailed, excellent strategy breakdown)


Phase 1
- Tank in the middle
- Tank swap on debuff, tank with debuff runs away from everyone (one tank can take them all)
- If marked with Arcane Wrath (Branded) at 4 stacks or higher run away from the raid
- Move out of mines (raid stays together moving around the boss)
- Move forward through force novas
- Kill Arcane Aberration add as quickly as possible (tank on boss, they do raid AOE damage while alive)

Phase 2
- Starts at 85% health
- Must move away from player with Branded (player it's cast on can only move 10 yards)
- Mines grow larger, stay out of them and give space to grow
- Arcane Aberrations do a knockback when killed (can't be ranged, melee don't get knocked back into a mine)
- Keep moving forward through force novas, use movement boosters
- Debuff on tank also ports him to a random location in room

Intermission 1
- Starts at 55% health, lasts 1 minute
- Mages - Fixate on a target (move away from the raid), interruptable
- Mana Anomolies - Tank away from mages, raid damage on death (stagger kills)
- Focus fire down one mage then the other, then kill the mana worms slowly one at a time so healers can keep up

Phase 3
- Branded jumps faster (mages blink)
- Tank debuff roots tank, two tank positions switching sides back and forth
- Force nova is three in a row (lots of damage, raid cooldowns as needed)
- Arcane Aberration
- Mines last longer

Intermission 2
- Starts at 25% health, lasts 1 minute
- Mages - Fixate on a target (move away from the raid), interruptible (melee kill first)
- Mana Anomolies - Tank away from mages, raid damage on death (stagger kills)
- Reaver - Tank away from mages, face away from raid, resets threat, needs two tanks on it (range kill first)
- Range on Reaver, Melee on Mages, kill worms slowly
- Reaver will be buffed by the mages when he first comes out, need to get him away from mages very fast

Phase 4
- Finish adds first
- Spread out, use heroism
- Two Branded debuffs jumping in raid, range stay spread out, melee run out and get it on the range
- Force Nova damages people near you when you run through it (melee should run out before it's cast to give them space)
- Lots more mines (they split when they would expire)
- Tank debuff summons orbs that the raid will need to dodge (tanks call out when they're about to explode)
- Kill Aberrations quickly, they split on death and each little one needs to be killed

Strategies for Specific Mechanics

- If you get it with less four stacks, move to the back of the raid clump, when it's off you go back into the raid
- Branded Buddies - two designated raiders (two range dps, or a dps and healer) stack on whomever has branded at the back of the raid, when one of them gets Branded they move away from the raid together
- Once out of the raid, the buddies spread out to get it to fall off
- A healer is assigned to the Branded Buddies
- Backup Buddy assigned if one of them dies

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