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Entrance - By the Pit graveyard in Gorgorond

3 Wings
Slagworks - Gruul, Oregorger, Blast Furnace
Black Forge - Hans/Franz, Ka’graz, Kromog
Iron Assembly - Darmac, Thogar, Iron Maidens


Haulers frontal attack and raid damage
Interrupt Slag-Shapers
Guardians whirlwind
Stun Laborers during Gronnling Smash
Setup two melee groups
Tank moves between each group for Inferno Slice
Tanks swap at 2-3 inferno slices
Raid run from cave-ins, can move into safe area after one falls
Move out of Overwhelming Blows
If petrified move away from the raid (raid move away from petrified people)
Hero at start

Same as Gruul trash
Kite Slagshop Brute when they’re empowered with Lumbering Strength
DPS Brutes evenly, kill the brute that is not empowered
Run away from Darkshard Gnashers when fixated, spread out
Phase 1
Interrupt rotation for Blackrock Barrage (three people)
OT stand between boss and range group (stacked) to soak Acid Torrent
OT and MT swap after Acid Torrent
Melee stack behind the boss away from OT, spread out for Explosive Shards
Stacked range move out of acid puddles, stay together
Phase 2
Spread out and destroy ore crates
Stay out of his way (space he just rolled over is safe)
Raid wide damage when he hits a wall

Blast Furnance
Slag Behemoth mini boss
Move away from raid if targeted with Ignite
Spread out to avoid volcanic bomb damage
Stand behind spikes to avoid blast wave
Phase 1
Destroy Heat Regulators
Split raid into two even halves
AOE raid damage when Heart of the Mountain reaches 100 energy (all phases)
If Bomb on you run to Regulator (15 seconds or push button when there)
Loot bombs from ground and run to Regulators
Kill Order: Bellows Operator > Furnace Engineer > Foreman Feldspar > Security Guard
Tanks pass Feldspar off when Melt Armor too high
Phase 2
Defeat four Primal Elementalists
Kite Slag Elementals close to the Elementalists
Finish Elementals off with Range dps (they explode when they die)
All DPS on Elementalists when their shield is down (dispel/steal Earth Shield buff)
Tank and melee kill security guards and firecallers (interrupt cauterize wounds)
Move out of the raid if targeted with volatile fire
Phase 3
Defeat Heart of the Mountain
Finish off remaining adds
Spread out and move out of Melt floor spots
DPS race - Heroism for this phase (raid AOE damage every 5 seconds)
Tank away from Melt spots, switch tanks at 3 stacks of Heat

Black Forge

Hans’gar and Franzok
Haulers frontal attack and raid damage
Interrupt Slag-Shapers
Guardians whirlwind
Stun Enforcers to prevent intimidation
Kite enforcers away from bombs they drop
Stay behind Specialist (tanks use CD on clobbering strike)
Phase 1 (100%-85%) - Bosses together
Phase 2 (85%-70%) - Only Franz, Dodge Searing Plates
Phase 3 (70%-55%) - Bosses together
Phase 4 (55%-40%) - Only Hans, Dodge stamping presses
Phase 5 (40%-25%) - Bosses together
Phase 6 (25%-15%) - Only Franz, Dodge Searing Plates
Phase 7 (15%-0%) - Both bosses, Dodge stamping presses
Searing Plates (two patterns)
4 at a time (one lane safe), 5 sets, safe lane always adjacent to previous set’s safe lane, direction stays the same
1 at a time (four lanes safe), 5 sets, new plate always adjacent to previous plate
Between belts is NOT safe
Move away from raid if targeted by Body Slam (red arrow), then AOE raid damage
Cast around disrupting roar
Heal through Skullcracker (singled target damage spike)
Each phase change, tanks will need a CD to survive being smashed into each other
Hero at start (last 15% has too much movement)

Flamebender Ka’graz
Move away from Iron Flametwisers before they explode at 33%
Iron Smiths have a frontal cleave to avoid
Mini-boss Mol’dana Two-Blade - Spread out
Phase 1
Tank Aknor and Ka’graz together
Range spread out in half the room, melee on other side
Tank facing away from raid and kill Aknor first
Side step Lava slashes
Move out of Enchanted Armament whirlwinds (stay in place all fight)
Hero at start
Phase 2 (at 25 Energy)
If targeted by Molten Torrent run to melee to split damage (or run away and use an immunity effect - bubble, ice block, etc)
Phase 3 (at 50 Energy)
Two Cinder Wolves join the fight, they are linked by a fire chain
Tank one facing away from the raid
Kite the one that fixates on a raid member, don’t drag chain through melee
When wolves switch fixate tanks must switch as well (MT picks up the wolf that stopped fixating, OT picks up boss)
Wolves must die within 8 seconds of each other and before boss
Phase 4 (75 Energy)
If targeted with Blazing Radiance, move away from the raid and get heals
Phase 5 (100 Energy)
Boss uses Firestorm for heavy raid wide AOE damage, stack with melee for heals
After reaching 100 Energy boss goes to 0 and phases repeat (2-3 times through all phases for the total fight length)
Globs of Lava hit random player for 30 seconds after transition back to 0
Tank swap at 4-5 stacks of Rising Flames

Move away from Iron Flametwisers before they explode at 33%
Iron Smiths have a frontal cleave to avoid
Range spread out, move out of clapping hands
Tanks stack on each other and taunt back and forth at 2-3 warped armor stacks
Everyone stand in a yellow grasping rune (one per person)
Kill grasping hands as soon as thundering blows ends (slow fall, if not grasped)
Move away from boss before slam to minimize damage
Dodge reverberations and rippling smashes
Boss frenzies at 30%, hero then
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